Resus C4 Series

We are excited about a new educational series that has developed out of the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Emergency Medicine Resuscitation Rotation.  The goal will be to:

  • Ask 4 clinical questions
  • Provide 4 pearls or teaching points
  • Provide 4 critical references ranging from basic science to high-yield clinical papers
  • That can all be read in 4 minutes

This is the Resus C4…. Mind…. blown….

Hopefully this will stir a little discussion & debate. Don’t be shy – Let us know what you think!!

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John Greenwood

Creator of the PressorDex & . Resuscitationist, Heart & Vascular ICU Intensivist. Focus in mechanical circulatory support & medical education #FOAMcc #FOAMed Twitter: @johngreenwoodmd Email:

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